Groups and Workshops

I have been facilitating groups and offering experiential training for over twenty years across educational settings, within the NHS and voluntary sector as well as privately.  

I now offer bespoke trainings and group work around a number of specialised areas outlined below.  Groups are usually between 4 and 16 to ensure quality and depth of experience.  I work with teams and or groups to design something that fits your particular situation.  I offer morning/afternoon/evening workshops and/or one/two day longer experiences.  All my workshops/groups are experiential in their practice and informed by up to date theory. I work with teams of professionals, i.e. psychotherapists, counsellors and allied professionals as well as groups of clients from statutory and third sector organisations, such as trauma services; bereavement and hospice care.   

Areas of expertise:

  • Embodied sensory creativity - an opportunity to heighten sensory awareness in a supportive environment and experiment with ways in which these can be creatively expressed (writing; art; movement).  No prior experience of creative expression is required or expected.

  • Being Outdoors - take time to slow down, connect with ourselves/others and nature using here and now breath work, movement and eco-therapy practice.

  • Embodied Here and Now Awareness - facilitated awareness sessions to support us to grow our ability to stay in the here and now and accept our moment by moment embodied experience.

Costs vary depending on size of group and length of workshop/group.  I usually travel to participants so travel costs (and possibly accommodation) are charged in addition to my fee.  Please contact me for an initial discussion.