I'm an UKCP accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist and a clinical supervisor. I divide my time between working for an academic institution offering individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and workshops and private practice where I offer individual psychotherapy, clinical supervision (individual and group), bespoke workshops, as well as academic consultancy.    


At heart I am a relational Gestalt practitioner.  I create a safe environment to support people to become aware of their moment-to-moment here and now experience.  By this I mean growing awareness around our thoughts, feelings and sensations to support connection with being with ourselves, with each other and with our everyday world.  This often incorporates identifying unfinished business and relational patterns from our histories that continue to impact our ability to connect and make choices for ourselves in the present.  I prioritise working with you as a person rather than your presenting issue as research shows that it is the relationship between therapist and client that facilitates growth and healing.  Having said this people present with a variety of different experiences and dissatisfactions that may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Relational rupture and attachment patterns in early life

  • Relationship problems

  • Considerations around sexuality, sexual orientation and/or gender identities

  • Bereavement/loss/grief

  • Sexual trauma

  • Identities, difference and diversity

  • General dissatisfaction with life

  • Low mood/depression

  • Stress/anxiety


I support myself in my practice through participating in and facilitating workshops and continuing professional development in the areas of embodied creativity; being in nature; movement; somatic experiencing/trauma work; and meditation/mindfulness (see groups and workshops page).  I also support myself through ongoing clinical supervision, psychotherapy and training as well as connecting with nature and movement practice.

If you would like to explore working together either on a one-to-one basis or if you would like me to offer a workshop around embodied creativity or 'Being Outdoors' then please contact me directly.  If you are unsure then please feel free to get in touch.  I work predominantly room based for individual psychotherapy although I do contract with ongoing clients for outdoor work if appropriate.    

For individual psychotherapy work I charge £50 per 50 minute session.  We meet initially for a one-off (charged) session where we explore whether we might continue working together.  I work short-term with a minimum of six sessions and longer term contracts with reviews every three months depending on your need. 


I am currently offering all my work either via telephone or online due to Covid 19.  I have experience of both telephone and online therapeutic support as I worked as a ChildLine supervisor for 5 years.  Please contact me for a telephone conversation if you are interested in working online.